free money + creative kids = flip samplers

I see a lot of videos on youtube… and people knocking about with phone footage and taking pic’s with their cameras. They then spend time editing it all together and creating a representation of their home town from their perspective. The perspective of flipping about in it…. climbing walls and finding new stuff to muck about on. People do this all the time, and enjoy it. They edit footage and produce samplers, post it up on Youtube and send it to their mates.

This is normal.

Don’t be normal. Be different.

If you wanna grab peoples attention, develop some skills and have someone else pay for it all, just so you can make a cool sampler… then that option is available to most people. They just think its impossible and / or difficult to obtain. Free money is out there in bucketloads for creative kids to spend.

If you’re between 13-19yrs old in the UK (or know someone that is) ;) … then you could grab £1000 easily. Buy yourself some funky kit, editing software, or just blow it all on DV tapes and train tickets to film somewhere amazing.

Go to and read some pages. Its all there for the taking, you just gotta make the effort.


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