Eisentube: tricking in the 1920’s

back in the 1920’s, this is how we flipped…

ok, I know I’m not that old, but I’ve just tested out the new montage creation app from http://www.eisentube.com. You shove in any 3 youtube urls, and it does the rest. complete with copyright free classical music. The process works well, the only downside atm, is the video will end up on their YT profile, however you can use something like http://www.mediaconverter.org/ to grab it and stick on your own page. The email you’ll recieve is the url of the file, once YT has finished processing it, which might take a while. Mine only took a few minutes to process tho.

Some tips for picking clips to use?
Pick 1 close filmed clip
Pick 1 slowmo clip
Pick 1 mid distance clip

I’ve realised this selection after I did my edit. Footage without lots of edits will work better, as the app adds its own cuts the last thing you want is loads of your own chops. This mix will ensure a decent video is returned. Also be aware that everything will become black, white and grey, so select high contrast clips Things filmed in good light will work better and stay away from dull footage or dark objects against dark backgrounds. If you pick crappy footage, your clip will come out equally as bad!


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