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I’ve known about this for a long time, but haven’t thought about making a post about it. If you’ve ever watched BMX or Moto cross guys doing crazy stunts and flips and wondered how they learned it all… well I can tell you that most of them just tried it in the air and slammed if it went wrong. These day, people have found safer ways to learn the tricks all day long without ending up in a hospital.

The act of using a BMX on a trampoline began not because it was fun, or cool, or because people wanted to train the basics. It started because of the backflip. Riders wanted to train it somehow without doing that one hit wet flip into a river

Simply set up a BMX with just the frame, forks and handle bars, tape up the lug nuts with duct tape, add a bit of padding and take it to the trampoline. It was simply the safest place to learn over and over again.

Once people saw the use of trampolines to learn, it wasn’t long before people started to train everything in the garden. I’m fairly sure this has helped accelerate the number of talented riders at the competitions each year since. Here’s a great BMX trampoline edit:

*photo by Bryce Shaw 


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  1. That’s super cool! I love the bike spins! I think I’ll go and try that now! :)

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