Expertvillage, gymnast tutition videos has a whole bunch of Gym related Videos for people needing a little training. Each video is only 1-2 mins long, so its no stress to hit through the lot. The first couple are just stretches and warm ups. I’ve wanted to film the stretches we do at my gym, cause I’m certain more people who don’t visit, would like to know whats the best way to get loose and flexible. But I never got round to it, these vids are aimed at kids, but this is exactly the same as what I do in an adult class;

Stretches Part 1, Part 2

Here’s all 73 videos from about Gymnastics. Pick whatever interests you and figure out how you should do it. This is real handy for me as I have a 7yr old niece that’s getting inspired by my flips and I wanna know how to show her correctly on the trampoline.


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