xmas flips and BBC news

tis the season to do nothing, laze around and eat stuff until we’re fat(ish). I’m going to cancel that pub crawl planned for this evening. whereby instead of downing several pints of overly expensive fizzy coloured water, I’ll be literally going arse over tit, in the flipping department. The gym is shut over xmas, bah :( And with approximately 2wks of being at home, I’m going to stick to a regime of at least doing a number of pressups, situps, stretches and getting on the tramp when ever possible to ensure that I’m not a blubbering wreck of a  human when the gym action fully opens back up in ’08.

I remember last years efforts of surprise, when I discovered that I could barely move the day after the first session back… and the first backflip of the year, came as a surprise when I pretty much didn’t land it at all! Not this year tho. I’m prepared! I was going to go to the adult trampoline session last night, until I realised they’ve cancelled it. bugger. ahh well.

Anyways… it was good to see Jordan Ramos on BBC breakfast (30mins ago) with his stuntman dad Marcelo, doing his thing. The UK youth needs more great young black role models and I’m sure he’ll inspire many more kids to give flips a go.


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