Good motivation Vs bad motivation?

Someone ended up on here, after searching for the above term. And I’ve been thinking about it. I don’t think there is such a thing as bad motivation, or at least I can’t think of anything that would be considered as such! I’m wondering what that person could have meant. Could it have been motivation for bad things? or negative influencing peer pressure? Probably. Motivation on its own is inherantly good. Any thing that persuades us to get up and do something is good, however the decision about ‘what’ it is we end up doing has nothing to do with motivation… umm unless its an incentive to be unmotivated? erm, I’ve confused me now. In which case that would be ‘bad’ (my opinion of). But that’s still not about motivation, thats regarding the incentive to do nothing, rather than something, which is how most consider ‘motivation’ to operate. Still with me?

All motivation is good. Hmmm, *thinks. yeah I think that’s right.

The only way motivation can be percieved or confused as being bad, is if the motivation comes from a source that has a negative, immoral, illegal, unethical or mischievous intention. Normally provided by some other human being that’s too smart to do it themselves but surrounded by people that are obviously influenced by them.

With regard to flips. That happens a lot! There are many people out there that try and convince others to do things that they don’t have the balls or ability to try themselves, and I’m guilty of that one. But also fear gets in the way of progression so much that without a continual number of measurable rewards (landing stuff), people (adults I’m thinking) can get disheartened and give up too easily. And that sucks more than trying something which isn’t even remotely dangerous, but might be regarded as so, because it involves going upside down for a millisecond. Breaking free of the horizon is incredibly hard for the beginner to do, unless they have everything in place to convince themselves otherwise.

Personally, I should be more patient, but I can’t with my own learning. Skateboarding has taught me to turn the ‘fear switch’ off. Plus I’ve learnt that the body can take a beating before it really needs to go and have a lie down (Terminator stylee).



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10 responses to “Good motivation Vs bad motivation?

  1. Ok. Is quite obvies, I think. But what when a motivation presses you to do things not really the best for you, i mean, you’re tring to choose something esier to do and go on this way with strong motivation, wich is really hard change, that you can do better, you are worth it, etc. People sometimes too esy choose wrong i think way to motivation themselves.. I can watch how my friend is losing himself with doing something not for him, he can do better but he doesn’t believe in himself and he is motivating himself really strongly now to do such a waist time things, I think…

  2. Rache

    There are a thousand of things that we use as good motivators and most of us gets bad results is because we give up so fast. We we’re so used to get things the easy way in where we don’t have to go through the needle hole so wehen we encounter a problem we easily get dissappointed. for me everything around us a Good motivators but it’s up to us how were going to use and make it affect us.

  3. i know some forms of bad motivation. my mum uses them. she just used them this morning.
    First is cursing you. For example “if you dont study now, you will definitely fail your exams.”
    Second is insulting you. ” you have no self discipline! wake up now!”
    Its not really motivating but it makes u get up and do something, so yeah i dunno whether its motivation or not.

  4. yeah that’s definitely ‘bad’ motivation. Motivation works best when you ‘want’ to do something. Your mum is just verbally bullying you there.

  5. Hahaha! im having my GCSE O lvls now. Big exam… she wants me to do well i guess. with the wrong method of motivating. lol

  6. Ryan

    well, I just pop into this site. looking for some good theories about motivation. so I’ll just leave the comment and my personal view on that.

    In my view, the worst thing about motivation is > once you get the motivation it can be fade away really quick unless and until you keep that motivation for long enough to achive the success.

    I can’t possibly motivate myself.

  7. Ulfa

    I dont think there is a bad way to motivate yourself as long as it assists with reaching your goal. However, double check your goal, if it is ego driven, if you changing your weight thinking that others will respect or love or treat you better than the source of motivation could seem bad but intead recheck your goal. :)

  8. freaks Epic Escapisem

    i think there is no such a thing called bad motivation because motivaying people means how to make them work or get things done in less time with in high quality…..there is some goals need to be attain by motivating others and make them feel relax in their work enviroment:)

  9. i think we must have a good motivator to keep our spirit

  10. pip

    Motivation is motivation – its the same – you wave a carrot under the donkeys nose… you get results

    Its how we as humans use it that makes it good or bad

    We all want treats and rewards – but what are we willing to pay for it tho???

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