52 Blocks, Bartendaz & Breakdance roots

Ok, so I’ve just spent a little time wandering about some 52blocks videos and had never heard of that stuff before, I’m wondering if anyone else has either?!

From what I’ve discovered this is Caribbean / Southern US fighting technique with a long established history in black culture, suppressed through slavery and developed to its maximum in the prison system. Now I didn’t know any of that, but what was more surprising to learn is the apparent connection with breaking basics and the ’52’ basic fighting stance, performed within an invisible square which forms the basis of its moves. Anyways…

Fwape is promoting the positive message of 52 blocks from a technique steeped with a negative history. And doing a fine job of it, it appears. Hats off to them. BBoys should click and get aquainted with their history.

However whilst trawling the internetwebland I stumbled across the skill of training ‘Bar-Tendaz’ stylee, from what I can make out, born from the prison system, by way of exercising all day long on horizontal bars, without being in the traditional and (albeit dangerous) position of being trapped underneath a set of dumb bells. Which isn’t such a good thing if a little tweak of a missunderstanding (ie: a brawl) breaks out and you’re clamped down with 2 dozen leads weights stuck across your nipples.

Sooo…. in a completely non flipping related post… I give you ‘1-2-3 BAR-TENDAZ!!’ And picking which one to present here was a nightmare.. follow through and watch few. They’re incredible.



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8 responses to “52 Blocks, Bartendaz & Breakdance roots

  1. KD

    This is one of the brothers from the 52 camp in NYC. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the positive words and support. You framed our movement accurately, keep up the good work we appreciate you.

  2. thanks and the same to you. Anything that creates a positive role model to young people scores highly in my books. I hope you guys get enough local financial support to keep your project growing. More people need to be aware of this stuff.

  3. Kinyetta a.k.a Purple Princess

    The Bartendaz came to my school, where I teach English, and did an incredible job with the students. They were able to use their urban background and experiences to really connect and reach out to the children within the public school population that often slip through the cracks. Needless to say many of these children are our Black males.

  4. KayRim

    The 52 Brothers Have Motivated me to train even harder so im thankful to them. They have amazing skill and power and in time i will too, what they do takes dedication so they have my respect.
    1-2-3 BARTENDAZ!!

  5. The Bartendaz get support from all over the globe now!!

    check this out:


    and, if you are able to speak german, also have a look at this:


    please leave some comments!

  6. the bartendaz is nothing wiht the figuras en barras what look in youtube.

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