Human flag world record

Dominic Lacasse Vs Peter Nikiferow for the human flag world record attempt. Not in english, but it doesn’t matter one bit. It also needs to be understood that basically Dominic is the man at this, and makes the human flag look far too easy. The other guy is simply there to demonstrate how difficult it actually is to perform: 

Intro’s – Part 1

Peters attempt – Part 2:

Dominics attempt – Part 3:



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8 responses to “Human flag world record

  1. Damn I must say that’s impressive. I usually only take a few people to the gym with me, the other like 30 or 40 people show up on different days because it’s on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Generally there are like 15 of us each day (I go every time unlike most people haha), but they range from newbies to like ridiculously good. One guy in particular, Mario Smith, works for Cirque de la Mer and he’s actually got some videos on youtube if you search for him. I’m going to be having like 15 of my friends come in the middle of December, most of whom have never done a flip before, so that is gonna be one funny video. But yeah that D-Leg was from a few weeks back, but I think my knee will be all healed up by tomorrow so I can be at full capacity again. The next 2 articles I’m working on are about an X-In and How to increase the height of tricks and rotate faster

  2. that’s really impressive – and i don’t just mean the music mix! from my (somewhat feeble) experience of holding a lightweight fencing sword at arms length for a while, it’s keeping it rock steady that’s the truly impressive part.

  3. comparing someone with their full bodyweight horizontal and you holding a blunt stick is somewhat feeble granted. But I can’t do either, so I’ll shut up.

  4. p3tecracknell

    I can’t comprehend how maintaining the flag for that long is possible. I don’t know much about aerobic/anaerobic exercise from school, but I do remember noting (and still do) that doing anything this strenuous for more than a few seconds is incredibly hard. My record, after a near-lifetime of gymnastics and conditioning is ~4 seconds and that’s with wobbles. I genuinely believe that if I trained this daily for the next 5 years, I would still be limited to approximately 10 seconds!

  5. I’m time you when I’m next at the gym ;)

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  7. Brandon

    If you practiced this enough im sure you could go far longer than 10 seconds. Im 15 and have only been practicing for about 4 months and can hold it for 12 seconds and do human flag pullups. My form isnt this strict but still….

    • Dominic Lacasse is the world record holder, so if you think you can beat him… please post a video! The human flag is all about form…. many people do the flag at an upwards angle; this is much much easier than positioning your body at a right angle. Many people cannot hold that ‘true flag’ position much beyond a few seconds.

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