Acrobatics work

Just got in from gym and had a good session.

I got talking to henry today about his acrobatics work he gets occasionally. Particularly at this time of year, as there’s a fair bit of panto and xmas season shows going on. He told me about the stunt work that’s available and how he got into it. Simply by sending a video clip on a mobile phone to an agent, who then advised what he needed to learn to become suitable. Henry then dedicated his time to learning those basic moves and got accepted. Since then he’s done a fair bit of work as an acrobat. Earning what I can only describe as a decent wedge of the Queens finest sheets (£400 a week maybe) for simple stuff like sumasaults, round off back tucks and trampet displays. Nothing tricky, tho obviously the more you can do the more you can earn and the more work you’ll be offered. Also it helps if you look good obviously ;)

Ten years ago I would have loved to have giving this a shot. But not now. Henry told me that one of the guys on the 2MA books has gone on to do stunt work for the Star Wars films. Not bad hey?

I think people need to realise what options are available to them if they have skills. Flips are entertainment, and many people deserve to get paid for it.


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