London Lite Trampoline article

I’ve been away working again, and whilst on the train home, I grabbed the paper to find the London Lite ran a little article on trampolining. Its nothing incredible in the journalism dept. But will go some way to explaining why you may have to wait for 20mins to have a bounce in future, due to a queue of fat people infront of you, trying to ‘tone down’ in a couple of weeks the 20yrs or so they’ve spent ‘bulking up’ on bad diet and no exercise. The good news? the article quotes ‘5 mins of this and I’m out of breath, so I nipped outside for a cigarette and kebab’. I have high hopes that the great british overweight public will endevour to jump whole heartedly into this new fitness ‘fad’… and work themselves into an almighty sweat for at least 1 wk (2 tops) before retiring gracefully saying things like ‘I’m built for comfort, not speed’ and boosting gym and tramp club memberships astronomically, tho albeit temporarily, during what can only be referred to by regular gym & tramp users as an extreme case of celulite turbulance. Normal service will resume shortly. If you’re insane, click the picture below to read the full article. Tip: don’t.


This blog post has been brought to you by the letters ‘i’ & ‘r’ and the words ‘british’ & ‘sarcasm’.


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  1. Hi, this made me giggle! I didn’t read the article… But am interested to know, do you have an interest in performance that involves trampoline? The reason I ask is that I work on a show called Petit Mal, which is touring the UK at the end of this month. As well performing on trampolines, the group are experts in Chinese pole, break dancing, martial arts, and circus skills. It would be great to get some feedback about where I can find people interested in seeing the shows.

    Thanks for your time,


    From Crying Out Loud

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