What shall we do with a knackered ankle?

(title – ‘What shall we do with a knackered ankle?’ should be sung to the tune of the ole sea shanty, ‘what shall we do with drunken sailor’.  Americans, please make sure you’re familiar with the english term ‘knackered‘. then use it at least once a day, everyday. Australians should be ok, I think you guys invented the word)

ok, the point of this post is just to state (as lots of people appear to be interested) in what can be done with a tweaked out ankle.

I’ve not long got back from a gym session tonight and I’m pleased to say I’m getting some punch back in my step again. Its been over a month since my ‘tweak’ which judging by the sound it made, it was actually more like a ‘twang’ … and I still claim was the worst injury I’ve had for years. Anyways… I still can’t punch out of a decent round off for a back sumi, but I’m happily throwing a round off for a side sumi.

This is something I hadn’t figured before. The take off foot position for a r/o back lands at a forward / blocking angle (eg: with lifted toes) … whereas the foot position for a r/o side, is flat on the ground (well mine are anyway) Now currently I only get foot pain when my toes are lifted, so as long as I select my rebounds carefully, I should be able to do a lot more than I first thought. 

Another observation, ariels or free cartwheels don’t cause much pain either. The take off foot (my bad one)  starts flat on the floor and the heel rises as I extend off the toes. And again like a side sumi, there’s no blocking angle or lifted toes, so taa-daa, no stress on the foot.

ok, self analysis over…. back to the night.

I’ve been throwing, now I’m not sure what its called here, but its an ariel / free cartwheel, with a full twist. It might be a hypertwist, or a free full or something. Answers on a postcard to the usual address. merci. Either way, I’ve been chucking them and figuring out the rotation. Tis been fun. What else? oh yeah, double b-twists, into the pit.

Now I was thinking about this earlier. About how I’m a zillion miles / years away from ever landing one, so why the hell am I attempting it?!?? …. well, figure this… a hard move is only a hard move to someone that finds them difficult, oui? And how the hells bells, are you supposed to know whats difficult until you give it a go? I’ve seen plenty of people have a natural swing for something and land moves that even they dont’ know how to do, but somehow they did (and can) … some people can just seem to grasp certain moves faster than others. So, my point about double b-twist attempts, now make perfect sense. Everyones looking at me (whilst I do them) like I’m some kind of lunatic, but actually I find the process pretty simple. Chuck the buggers as hard as I can, watch the ceiling fly past my eyelids twice then open out. Easy. I’m quite surprised at how easy they are to spin. And I’m fairly confident that I’ll be able to land them upright on the mats in a month or 2. Cool hey?

I’ve rambled enough. out – mark.



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3 responses to “What shall we do with a knackered ankle?

  1. Jim Frick, Jr

    Thanks. I just bollocks’d my ankle from trying to run barefoot(aquasox) too quickly(book “Born to Run”, McDougal). It seems like I’ll never run again. I know that can’t be true according to you.

  2. Skic0WnTd

    Hmm… My Leg Just Fuck’D Up In Skateboarding .. Soo… Look ppl.. 1 was Sk8ting And Fo’ Sure I Do Heelflip Like Allways i do … But then just CRAZZZZZ And my Deck Is Fucked up.. Soo i goto local Sk8 Store((To Buying New Deck)) And i Bought Fucking cool 190$ .. So i went do skate i did Ollie and i feld and my Leg fucked up

  3. Melanie

    Hi, I’m an oldish woman and have just thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog…I’m with you, but full thickness rupture of my anterior talofibular ligament … much hurt. Like you, refused to be invalided so threw away the crutches after a day, and tried walking. Physio gave me exercises, which I do, but just noticed my damaged foot is noticeablty bigger than the other … swelling? Should I be worried?

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