Where does passion come from?

I’m thinking about our passion for the things we love, hobbies specifically… and where it comes from. I could get all DNA on yer ass, but don’t want to think that deep right now. I know its rooted in our genes for appeal, but I want to think about all the other factors too.. here’s my quick list;

Passion comes from;


bollocks, I can’t write anything. I mean I can, but not superficial stuff. I was going to say passion comes from;

1: personal reward, eg; a activity fulfilling a missing need in our lives like
2: praise (from peers) – closely linked with the above ‘reward’, praise is reward, but easier to obtain.
3: … erm, then I started running out of things to list.

damn why can’t think on a ‘surface’ level. ok, I’ll type what I’m really thinking.

No matter what we think, I believe we have desires that need to be met, whether we’re aware of it or not. Very often (I’ve witnessed) the absense of this ‘awareness’ is actually just either a lack of questioning ones decisions and actions or just not being aware at all of the true depth of our desires, needs and passions and how they surface in our lives. Bloody hell did I just write that? what the hell did it mean?

(simpler mark) (righty o mark) (stop talking to yourself in the third person mark) (righty o)

I. Think. We. All. Have. To. Fulfill. Our. Needs. Based. On. Our. Genetic. Makeup.

There. that’ll do it.

Passion for something is fuelled by a number of mini ‘things’… all these little things, appear to be nothing much, but knit together to form part of us as human beings. Here’s some basic, obvious, mini things; strength, speed, agility, spacial awareness, reward (measurable and/or not), structure, social aspects (friendship, belonging etc). These can each be broken down further, eg; strength – depends on limbs and muscles and fibres etc… if the activity we’re trying matches the build of our natural physique (yes I know we can all train to change, but I’m purposely being vague here)

God, I’m not making much sense here. Lets try again. Some people needs rules, discipline, structure and measurable rewards. Some people crave freedom, creativity and artistic expression. Elite athletes, require both… because where they admit it or not, peak phyiscal performance requires discipline in training, and separation from the masses, requires, creativity, style and personal expression.

(‘passion’ mark.. keep on topic!)

Soooooo …. the passion bit…. ahem I might as well just stop hey? no! carry on you fool… ergh., I think I’ve finished. What have I learned today?

Passion for something is bloody hard to define. Its sooo, tricky to pinpoint. I think theres so many contributing factors that on the surface people are content to state ‘this’ & ‘that’… but the more you learn about yourself the harder it gets to nail. If I try and identify my passions, I get closer to the truth. I love photography, because I hate being photographed, something in my brain feels uncomfortable looking at ‘me’. I love Art, because something inside me hates rules, and anything that doesn’t have rules, brings a smile to my face, like I’m flipping a metophorical ‘bird’ to the system that tries to tie us down.

Identifying Passion is easy. I learnt about my passion for Music when I discovered I could be ‘wound up’ over it. (and I’m a v.calm man) I knew I liked it but didn’t realise I had a ‘passion’ for it until then. A passion for something is like the love of a person, whereby as the saying goes, love is blind. Passion is the same, passion is so deep rooted in what we believe, that understanding that someone else can’t understand, is almost inconcievable We can never accept we’re wrong, because we are so ‘in tune’ so ‘connected’ and so ‘fuelled’ by what enhancements it can bring to our lives. We are in effect ‘blinded by our passions’. We are convinced there is no other way to live for this moment (however long that may be) in our lives. The passion can die. But ‘death’ and to ‘die’ is only normally spoken in association with things that give us ‘life’… and thats it. I think I’ve pinned it? Maybe not. But I know that passion for something (anything) gives us ‘life’ (to exist?) … possibly…. but definitely to be content with our lives.

And even when passion for something dies, its normally replaced by another passion.

Now I’m thinking can we exist without passion?? …. ergh… its 23:14 and I wanted an early night. I think enough of this might make sense to someone.




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3 responses to “Where does passion come from?

  1. Raist3d

    One of the best ‘random’ things I ha e read lately. Prehaps beacause iwas asking myself the same question in the last three days. Here’s a quote for you I just also read recently on this when referring to a burnt video games development team: ‘they are worse than talentless. They have no passion’. I ask read some time ago ‘you get motivated by doing’. O course, how to start doing? Anyway hope that helps with the puzzle.

  2. Hi Mark,

    Great stuff!

    I felt like I was writing it rather than reading it… really!

    Your writing style (narrating your thoughts, talking to and with yourself, etc) feels very natural to me. I normally don’t read anything I don’t feel passionate about… though I don’t go into it with that as a conscious criteria… it just happens because I follow my core feelings, like you are describing… so your topic is bang on for me as well as your style.

    PS – I got to this because I sat down with a desire to understand what “passion” is. What I was “passionate” about learning in that moment was what to do when I’m not feeling passionate.

    Take care… and thanks.


  3. Pip

    Passion is a force within both held within our body, soul and mind. It is born within and also created with the path of your life. Passion is one of the most powerful emotions we can ever have.. People can and will die for their chosen passion
    Gaining more Passion in your life is upon urself. You need to be searching ur mind, body and soul for it. Asking urself the questions in which subject motivate and encourage you to drive ur chosen passion.
    U need Vision to see where u r going
    U need Motivation on getting where ur going
    U need Desire to conquer all
    Passion may not always be pretty… But those with it seemingly are those that others feel succeed
    They are involved and have a target with life

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