Shaolin: Ditang Quan

I’m in a hotel in London atm, doing a bit of work at a digital media conference for a couple of days for Channel 4 people. This also means I’m not training at the gym, which sucks. But hey, otherwise lifes’ all good.    

This took me 20secs to figure out what I was seeing here. I’m either dumb or its too early. Its a beautiful perspective on fluid movement tho, and its my sort of music too. <3 Once you’ve watched it, go visit the vid page and tell him how cool it is.

(Ditang Quan, also known as Ground Tumbling Boxing)



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2 responses to “Shaolin: Ditang Quan

  1. This looks cool, but it seems its reverse movement. Still cool. Many moves remind me of moves from Capoeira.

  2. it seems? c’mon, you’re a smart guy, there’s no ‘seem’ about it! :)

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