Another 10k

Ok, I’m stunned. It took me a year to get 10,000 hits and I made a big deal of it because I was amazed. Now I’ve just clicked over 20,000, but that only took 3months! daaaamn. I’m super stoked. If you’ve just found this place, been clicking through for a while now, just a one hit wonder, or have been here since day one… a big thanks is in order. I never thought for a second that people would be in the slightest bit interested in an old git, mediocre flipper and habitual rambler of various brain dribble! 

I’m humbled and honored.



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3 responses to “Another 10k

  1. Congratz man, well obviously the posts are pretty good ’cause otherwise people wouldn’t come. I myself am also nearing my 1 year anniversary of the site, another month and I’m there…

  2. ergh I never know where to reply to other bloggers comments, should I do it here or at your place?… meh, anyways… yeah thanks mate. I didn’t actually realise you started your blog after mine btw, I thought yours was around waaay earlier than this one, and I just hadn’t found it. I think I just blogged for ages without even looking/caring if anyone found it or not. Most of my hits are from one hit wonders… mainly searching for sprained ankle info haha.

  3. Haha on here is fine, yeah I didn’t start all too long ago…haha yeah your sprained ankle posts and how to do a gainer seem to be the most popular…I didn’t start getting a ton of hits until some one started posting me up on wikipedia, I’m glad they did though whoever it was

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