Adrenaline Addiction

Adrenaline addict? What does that mean? Are you one? Have you been one? Do you know one?

To understand what an adrenaline addict is, you have to know what the symptoms are. Because it is an addiction and it leads to cravings, but unlike other natural drugs the withdrawal symptoms are less obvious, tho still present.

Most people don’t realise that the effects of adrenaline aren’t found doing an activity, its found prior to doing something, as that’s when the adrenaline starts to build up… doing the activity dissipates the chemical… hence the nerves disappearing as soon as someone steps onstage or begins a performance or competition.

If a rush of adrenaline is frequent enough, eg, everyday day, week, month, the body can (and does) memorise this ‘feeling’ with its own body clock, memories of surroundings and other similar references (from our 5 senses) … and can trigger the release a lot earlier than required. A normal build up, can occur anywhere between 0-15mins (approx) before an activity. This will be uncontrollable at first and may take many months of frequency before the signs are obvious. Eventually tho, you can get to the stage where you can trigger the affect by thinking about the activity in any situation. Now I know this isn’t showing the effects of an addiction, its merely showing how the cause can lead to the effect and the recognition of how it can be summoned with thought.

‘Danger blindness’ is (my terminology), when there’s such a degree of adrenaline build up, the person can no longer accurately measure ‘risk’ effectively… a person is more likely to take a chance, and gamble on a situation… the payoff is greater reward, leading to a further ‘risk’ required next time for the same rush, and the alternative can be hospitalisation if calculations are incorrect. Just like how ‘love is blind’, danger can be equally as blind too, and any build up of adrenaline to the point of something feeling ‘dangerous’ needs to be dissipated… and the quickest and easiest way to be that is by ‘going for it’. Not good hey?

Parents will recognise their kid(s) becoming hyper prior to an activity, but they won’t necessarily recognise that its the childs way of dealing with the adrenaline chemical, until such a time when the activity can dissipate it. Instead of telling them to ‘calm down’ and ‘sit still’ … they should tell them to go run up and down the garden 20times or go bounce on the back garden trampoline for 10mins.

Adults may feel a churning in their stomach and may need to go to the toilet. Prolonged doses of adrenaline, without dissipation, can lead to serious long term effects like anxiety attacks. Whereby most Dr’s will just dose you up with pills to try and chill you out. 

This is why I think its a good idea to describe my experience of it. I’ve had it, including the 2yrs worth of Valium to try and calm me down, and have been on the verge of it becoming a serious problem.

Adrenaline over all is a pretty good drug for most people, anything that stimulates the motivation to be active is fantastic I think.

I’d be lost without it.



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23 responses to “Adrenaline Addiction

  1. George

    Steroids help too.

    Hingis uses them along with EPO and Pot Belge!

    Pot Belge = heroin, cocaine, caffeine and morphine injections

  2. vodka, redbull and painkillers personally

  3. George

    Don’t forget your Prozac and Pot Belge mix.

    and: insulin, testosterone, hGH, EPO, cow blood and cortcoids.

  4. your knowledge of narcotic cocktails, whilst is informative and in someways educational… also worries me.

  5. Forget the drugs. I have always liked to live on the edge to the extent that I am now training other people to enjoy the thrill and adrenaline buzz found in the world of flying (legally). You should give it a try. EVen after many years with my feet off the ground I still get that feeling of energy running through me before each flight I make.

    • Sam

      I’m more of a driving man me. Get a Lamborghini Superlaggera, with a twin turbo kit, 1250whp… Drive that fast enough, and you get a nice big adrenilin boost. Search on youtube: Underground Racing Lamborghini Superlaggera.

  6. hey I agree totally, I’m a fresh air man all the way. Twas the other guy up there that got all narcotic on my ass!

  7. There are loads of people out there who need adrenaline to get them moving at all. And if you’re in a boring office job, a quick shot of adrenaline is good for the mind!
    Great blog, cheers

  8. name

    I date girls, get to like them, then I get sabotage the relationship…
    I guess it gives me and adrenaline rush to be in a “crisis situation”. Last time, I really liked her, and then we foungh. The anxiety came crashing down on me, knowing that I might call her and get back with her… But i never called her. Instead, I lived a 3 month anxiety adrenaline high (and i had a pungent smell all the time although i showered…)
    Pathetic I know, but that’s how i’m programmed. I would like to change that.

  9. Wow i thought he didnt make it. (video)
    Does adrenaline help u not to feel pain after u bail or crash? Cuz i was in a bike race today and was going about 40km/hr when i lost control and crashed. I had some scratches on my knee, hands and shoulder, but didnt feel much pain. I finished the 40km race in the end though. i was lucky the bike didnt fail me.
    Is it adrenaline?

  10. yeah adrenaline has this wonderful (drug-like) effect on the body. I’m not surprised you could crash and burn and get back up again. I’ve had the same thing skateboarding – only to get home hours later and realise the damage I’d done to myself in falling off. Have you heard the stories of people seeing a car accident and someone being trapped and suddenly getting enough of an adrenaline rush to lift the car up off the ground? Adrenaline can give us super human powers when we need it!

  11. Haha i love it. I also didnt realise my injuries and I had to bandage my knee for 2 weeks, and to get ready for a triathlon which was today. Haha lucky it healed quite fast.

  12. Kyle

    Narcotics and energy drinks, Bill you have got to be the dumbest retard I have ever heard online. If you want to poison yourself to get a fake rush by all means go for it, but don’t premote it dipshit. Hell anyone knows energy drinks kill your liver 9 times faster than any type of liquor.

  13. Jason

    ive been a ski instructor for 3 years and i just got back to city life after 6months of skiing Every day. im finding life slow and boring and until i was watching a movie couldnt figure out why. im missing somthing. how do i fill the void or harness the power within. i usto have great anxity but now, i just feel the pure adriline. any suggestions or comments

  14. Daniel

    something bad happened to me this morning which is why i just googled “adrenaline addiction” and stumbled onto this page …

    i was riding my bmx bicycle at the local skatepark (FDR skatepark philadelphia… best cement park on the east coast, possibly the world) and i fell from really high… somehow i was able to bail without really getting hurt (just some nasty road rash). But those 2-3 seconds while falling down the pillar were so terrifying that i think i may have suffered a mild heart attack… or perhaps an adrenaline overdose (if that’s even possible).

    Symptoms: when i got back on my bike and rode away, i sat down and felt realllly uneasy. Then i noticed that i could actually see my heart pounding through my shirt. It was the fastest and strongest my heart has ever beat (and i run short distance track regularly). I put my hand on my chest and it felt like my heart was about to explode. However, i didn’t suffer and pain in neck or arteries which is often associated with a heart attack.

    Is it possible that I had an adrenaline overdose?

    p.s. it’s a funny coincidence that you chose the video that you did because bmx is precisely what i was doing.

  15. Kane

    I am a BASE jumper and a skydiver. I also rock and ice climb.
    I cannot get enough of the stuff. If I go too long, I feel the itch.

  16. Paul

    Although adrenaline gives you “super-human powers” when the effects are done, you will be a wreck. I did kickboxin 8 years, every time I was in the ring, I was pimpin`, didn`t feel a thing at the moment, but later I had to eat a lot, sleep a lot, and I also felt the urge for more physical activity. In my case i love adrenaline.

  17. i mountain board and recently landed in tree after exiting a jump somehow climbed out of the tree walked off and a few minutes was in tears bc of three broken ribs so i agree with the above comment!

  18. Mortimer

    About a month ago, I broke my toe and got a high ankle sprain running from someones yard at 2am after their lights turned on (we were in their hot tub). I was able to flee the scene, get to my car a quarter mile away, and drive my friends and I to one of their houses (I drive a clutch). As soon as i got there, I wasn’t able to walk. Just now I’ve been able to rejoin cross country. A part of me wanted us to have to run because of the adrenaline pumping already!

  19. Adrenaline rocks, mine needs more outlets, productive or not. After so many years of doing what I do all i have to do is consider working out or put my hair up and bam there is it drug-bomb. Time to return to dissipating it the right way.
    Its a shame tho I am so motivated to be active, and the chances to be active are so limited by out info-based world.

  20. mike

    Skydive and BASE jump, seems to get my fix

  21. anonymous

    So, i guess my gf searched up this “adrenaline addiction” topic and brought it up to me and said that i fit the description of an “adrenaline addict” personally i didn’t think so until she said i reminded her of this movie character called SGT William James from this movie she just showed me called the ‘The hurt Locker’ and after i watched it i had an itch to feel that feeling of defusing those things. i don’t know if i am an addict but every now and then, whatever it is i’d be doing i would start to think about that movie and that ‘feeling’, my heart would just start pumping so fast for the desire for that ‘feeling’. so anyways it scares her sometimes cause she says “i can be reckless and too calm in a situation of high intensity where shes scared and im there with a smirk of satisfaction on my face” she thinks its gonna get me killed sometime so i took the initiation of researching and landed here. For anyone who sees this i just want to know ways to not be like that :p idk if that really makes sense but my gf doesn’t like the way i am. and i wake up sometimes with the feeling of pure desire to have that fatal ‘fatal’ rush so any help or advice on getting over the addiction would be awesome. thanks

    • Imo, I think ‘danger’ is subjective – it is relative to the knowledge one has of the situation and how they can handle it. The problem is, once hyped, we ‘think’ we can do something even if we don’t have (all) the knowledge. I guess a simple example is driving fast – I’m scared if i’m not in control, but if I’m driving, it’s fine. Anyways, back to adrenaline…

      I managed to dissipate an addictive rush – but only because I was in control of whether the rush happened or not. If you have a rush which you can’t control then, hypnotherapy, and/or meditation may help.

      Or… just accept that you were born to be a fireman and get on with it. Seriously, you’re a fireman. Get paid for having adrenaline rushes.

      Mark (Flipcatch)

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