Self reward: The complexity of simplicity

The absense of posts, or the absense of quality posts? Maybe the worse thing is the absense of time to do either. I’ve been mentally distracted the past week or so, therefore not a lot of fresh stuff here. This creates the above 2 thoughts.

Is it better to post ‘anything’ frequently and risk people thinking ‘hmm, this place isn’t as good as it used to be’… or posting nothing for a while and risk people not visiting at all?

I’m also wondering why I even care about anyone that visits here and why I’m even addressing a concern for anybody that technically I don’t know, or am ever really likely to know.

Anyways… this rambling aside. I think I’ve thought of something.

Its about how really simple things can be the most rewarding. We all know how doing something difficult and impressive can be sooo good, particularly if its a thing we’ve been trying to achieve for a while. But more often than not, i find myself getting just as big a reward mentally by doing something very simple. Like handstands or even stretches.

This is making me think about how we become fulfilled and satisfied with our self performance. I think we do this by measuring everything we can do and attempt to do, and comparing each move with the previous attempt or performance. I suppose this is exactly how competitive athletes measure themselves, if its not against the clock, its against competitive results or something much simpler, frequent and equally as measurable, which is our ‘self’.

The visible reward for achieving something is measured by other people (peers, judges etc), and things (stopwatches, video cameras etc), whilst the invisible is measured internally by the athlete and is 100 times more picky and accurate. So the most subtle of achievement can be more memorable than something deemed complex or difficult before a bystander.

I won’t talk anymore, because I’m stating the obvious. And I’m boring me. I’ll go find a video.




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2 responses to “Self reward: The complexity of simplicity

  1. adam

    you rock, dude.

  2. really? that’s a great compliment, thank you… but I don’t understand why.

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