Tricking Music: the ultimate tracks

Here’s a good one for you. Have you ever wandered too many youtube vids (like I do) and find the same old tracks appearing in samplers? Or maybe you’re making samplers and edits and running out of quality tunes that really ‘work’ for tricking? Well I find the same thing. Too many edits and not enough musical variety. If its not Yellowcard, then its Fort Minor or Linkin Park or its that Kanye ‘Stronger’ track which seems to be doing the rounds atm.

It appears that Tricking clips either kick up a metal vibe or a techno tip, depending on which side of the ‘beat’ fence you sit. Where’s the hip hop? Has it skipped me completely? Or does the mellow flavour just not fit? I guess all that kicking and fast twists, are aggressive and lead to tight edits and a fast track is required.

Anyways… this is where I come in. 10yrs ago people started experimenting with guitars and beats together. Ice T tried it with Body Count in about 1994, and it took a coupla years for it to catch on. Then in 1996 a comic evil hero film called Spawn was released, and the music to accompany the film was incredible. A perfect blend of dark guitars and remixed beats. And its this album which I think is the ultimate tricking sampler album. I’ll break the tracks down for you:


Spawn – The Album

1: Filter & The Crystal Method – (Can’t you) Trick like I do

First up, and what a track! Once this gets out on the net it’ll be everywhere. After a 10 secs you’ve got your intro beats, at 20 secs the lyrics kick in. 45secs we’re building up to something massive. Mellow beats under lining a stunning vocal line. Then at it all kicks off big time! 1:50s is the magic number and you’ll have a mental kicking fury edit straight in front of you. Loads of dynamics throughout for slo-mo’s and busy cuts. Its not the first track on the album for nothing, its seriously good.

2: Marilyn Manson & Sneaker Pimps – Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
Slow building intro this one, you’ve got 20s before ‘his’ voice starts warming up, then bang at 1:10s its up to full speed. 1:40s its dropping out to a moody pace again… loads of time for scene shots and slo-mo’s. Again building once more and when it hits 2:35s its all off again! Lovely.

3: Orbital & Kirk Hammett – Satan
I love this one. 20s intro before some lushious breakbeats come in and Kirks strangled guitar sound infecting your brain until 1min in, and you’ve got the full mix for another 30sec’s. Slo-mos and scene stills again, before the 1:51s point and you’re back in the ole beat chug fest. It goes on … but I won’t. Next!

4: Korn & The Dust Brothers – Kick The P.A.

Breakbeat intro for a good 15secs, then at you’ve got a fat drudgey bass slopping about until 34secs when the hip hop trademark Korn vocal takes the stage. The track flips backwards and forwards through verse and chorus between, sloshy distortion laid guitars and lush beats. This is a mellow track on the album, but in some ways that’s its strength too. Someones gunna pick this up and edit a grand one… the lyrics are all about flying. So apt.

5: Butthole Surfers & Moby – Tiny Rubberband
Slowest track on the album. Spooky intro here lasts for about 40secs when a slow vocal drops over a hiphop beat. Perfect for an all slo-mo edit.

6: Metallica & DJ Spooky – For Whom The Bell Tolls
Classic metallica intro before a drum & bass beat flys in and only pauses when the bell tolls! Everyone will love this one. Its such a tune on its own, the remix just kicks you in the stomach and drags you along for the ride. At 1:40s its off like a race horse on acid. Perfect for a zillion youtube edits.

7: Stabbing Westward & Wink – Torn Apart

Amazing track! My favourite I think, there’s a mental distorted synth rhythm before a vocal hits in at 30secs. And it fits perfectly, as if it had just been made yesterday. Its got plenty of ‘cut spots’ for edits and even tho the beats are going nuts that consistant vocal hold its all together. Before you’re half way through the sound you’ve got ‘aggro’ coming out of both ears… and then you’re hit with an crazy slomo section for a good minute before the beats are back. Love this.

8: Mansun & 808 State – Skin Up Pin Up
Not many people have heard of Mansun, and there’s a good reason for that, they’re a love em or hate em band. If you’re down with his almost falsetto vocal line then you’re sorted. Cracking guitar intro, and all the way through it. The vocal sounds dated as hell to me, but I have a fondness for Mansun anyway so it doesn’t bother me.

9: Prodigy & Tom Morello – One Man Army

Bloody hell, whoever got these 2 in a remix needs a medal. 2 incredible artists each with distinctive sounds. I’m not even going to describe this one. If you don’t hear it you’re mental, and if you don’t find a place to use it, then you’re doing an incredible injustice to the track and the artists. Stunning, right from the first beat.

10: Silverchair & Vitro – Spawn
The track of the album name. Its all about this one. And if you were ever around when Silverchair were exploding you’ll know why they got the ‘name’ track. Daniel Johns vocals distinctive and unforgettable and with Vitro mixing the lot up, you’ve got an insane track. Full of dynamics and begging for tight edits all the way through it. Its a heavy track, but rip out the sections you want and its sampler material. Classic.

11: Henry Rollins & Goldie – T-4 Strain
Goldie starts it off with a beat, with a Rollins speak intro, then the beats kick in and its a drum & bass groove all the way through. Atmosphere all the way with plenty of ‘rewind’ sequences every few seconds… the drums dip in and out allowing for slomo sections and mood shots. Its a proper track this one, an editors dream. Its got a ‘travel’ feeling all throughout it. Sure to be a hit with Free Runners and Traceurs everywhere. All that’s lacking is a explosive ending. But hey, not bad for something over a decade old!

12: Incubus & DJ Greyboy – Familiar
10s intro then you’re hit in the earballs with a huge beat. At 56secs you’ve got the full instrumentation carrying you along for a chopped up edit mix … before dropping right out and you’re left with that solo vocal until 1:43s when the beat returns. This ones up and down like a brides nightie. Get it in your head sponge, pronto.

13: Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot – No Remorse (I Wanna Die)
Jebus! this is a kick the bollocks. Fast as hell and never stops once all the way through it (oh maybe it might pause for a few bars of chugging chords) … but its off again at 90mph and no brakes. This’ll destroy your internal organs whether you like it or not. Hardcore from beginning to end. You have been warned!!

14: Soul Coughing & Roni Size – A Plane Scraped Its Belly

Crap song title, but a cracking track to end the album. This is another ‘travel’ track… movement a plenty here. Its chopped up to hell and you don’t know where its going to start with, until Roni drops the beat at 1:30s, then you’re on familiar D&B territory… and its perfect. The beat drops out at 2:17s allowing plenty of slomo time and then the beats back again at bang on 3mins.

So that’s about it. This whole album has been lying low waiting for the right environment to brush off the dirt and dust and rise again. And I’m giving the whole thing away. Its just gotta get out there. Spread the word, shove it on forums, its worth it really. And remember that you heard it here first.

Hit me up, if you can’t find the tracks above and want to explore them- I can point you in the right direction ;)



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9 responses to “Tricking Music: the ultimate tracks

  1. Just downloaded. Sounds great. Thanks!

  2. bought this on 10″ red vinyl when i was living in france – so much better than the film. that version of satan is – to my mind – easily the best.

  3. yeah I play the album frequently, never watch the film tho. cheers for stopping by.

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  5. Yep

    Sounds nice.. thanks!

  6. jake

    how do you download!!! so frustrating- cant find the download button!!!

  7. gokuu

    how do uu downloadd it?? O.o

  8. gokuu

    thats one trippy pic btww ————–>

  9. guys, I’ve given you the titles, just search and you will find (on youtube mostly)

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