General update…

I’m busy today, so not much going on here I’m afraid.

I’ve been tweaking a few things on the blog lately, you may have noticed the vodpod video list below, that’ll stay as they are for a while, I don’t plan on changing them frequently. They’re a few of my favourite videos that I keep rewatching. If something stunning turns up I may switch one or 2 out. Other tweaks are the categories / tag cloud list… I’ve cut them right down, as it was getting a bit daft. I’ve also added a search box under the ‘pages’ bit down below, for the reason that I couldn’t find things I’ve written. What else? oh yeah that banner pic up there ^ is annoying me. I don’t want my face on this place, so as soon as I can get some pics together that’ll be removed. Oh and I’m considering another design tweak to the layout, which ‘should’ make the place even more funky to visit.

I’m also back at the gym, ankle is nearly sorted now… so i’m sticking with getting some new rotations sorted in the soft stuff whilst the damage is ironing itself out.

Ahh, one thing I did want to say, just before my ankle tweak, I was getting backflips much better. Now I know I can already do them, so its no biggie, but to me this difference is. The technique of being able to jump up straight looking forward and then start the rotation by the energy created by pulling the knees to the chest. I’ve always admired and been amazed by those that can do that. It shows they have the perfect technique, confidence and enough power in their legs and stomach muscles to generate the spin.

Its all about style and a photogenic one at that… I’m looking for. Once I have that technique down, I’ll be able to ‘block’ better from round offs etc, cause theres still a little (big) bit of me that whilst I know the theory, don’t trust the practice to commit to it as fully as I should be doing.

enough – out

(bloody hell, its almost like a human being is writing this, isn’t it?)


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