Journey to the Backflip

Alex has just posted up his backflip vid, and its a beaut. This is documents what most people have to go through to figure out the move. Even if you know how to backflip, you should watch this. I’m going to add this to the how to backflip tutorial post on here, then delete this post after a while, enjoy:

Then go visit and comment …. you know you wanna!



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2 responses to “Journey to the Backflip

  1. Mandy

    Wow! what a nutter! a fit one at that;) I am a cheerleader trying to backflip, (currently learning) i have seen the vid and I think it is going to help me when I try it, back at my gymnastics. BTW NICE MUSCLES! xxx

  2. haha my mum sed he was fit! =P
    a nutter indeady!
    guess who this is lool

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