Team Ryouko

a little under 24hrs ago, team ryouko, dropped a sneaky clip on the unsuspecting public. Behold the greatness!



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3 responses to “Team Ryouko

  1. Haha yeah it was a pretty nasty spill, the what made it even better? The fact that he did it to try and impress some chicks that had just show up, HAHA! By the way a ways back I tried that freerunning game for the PSP, the concept is awesome! BUT…..the game is really really horribly done and disappointing sad to say. I’ll try to get around to posting a video cause my double fronts are getting fairly consistent :) Haven’t seen a recent video thats actually of you in a while, still have that sprained ankle?

  2. Sadly I don’t post on youtube because the quality is horrible, only allowed a 10 mb upload whereas jumpcut has 100 mb upload. Good to know about your ankle though. And I’m definitely about to read your newest post.

  3. Oh man they uped the Ante since I’ve used youtube, thanks for the info because now it actually is worth having an account haha

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