one and a half crash dives get you banned

It was good to get back to the gym last thursday. It was a pretty cautious evening, due to the ole ankle still not feeling great. I needed the movement tho, I was climbing the walls not being able to do much. The outcome of the evening was soon realised. I still ain’t fit enough to flip about yet. After about 45mins I whacked the ankle on the inside of the joint and got a sharp pain. Kinda like the pain you get when you’ve chipped a bone and all of a sudden knock it. Therefore I was, in pain that is. And it didn’t take long for some minor swelling to kick in. bah. Anyways… I still managed to get a good old stretch going on and a number of flips down. Surprisingly the tramp was okish (until I whacked my foot I mean) … high back sumis and barani’s and front fulls. That alone was enough to make it feel like a productive evening. But a spot of pit jumping was required too, nothing too hefty like roundoffs cause I couldn’t launch offa my left foot yet. Some gainers we’re thrown, as well as b-twists and side sumi’s. Over all I was happy. Nothing amazing happened, but it got all my joints moving again and today I’m still aching a little across the shoulders, which is a good sign.

As I said, I’m still not properly fit yet, my ankle doesn’t hurt doing most daily things, but jumping up and down on it does. therefore… I’d better take it easy for a bit longer. 



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