Shaolin: Kung fu Photography

Shaolin Monks 

From next week, those that have an interest in Kung Fu and photography, may want to pick up a copy of the British Journal of Photography (£2).

Cause you’ll be pleased to know that an american photographer Justin Guariglia has had the rare and priviledged opportunity to document within the walls of the 1500 yr old Chinese Buddist sect, known commonly as the Shaolin Temple. If you’d like a peek at the ‘vehicle of Zen’ in all its high shutter speed, dripping in quality, glory… then it might be worth reaching out for a copy.

For those that aren’t in the UK or able to track down a copy, I’m guessing you’ll either have to beg me to scan it and put it online, or hope that they place it online on their website at: There’s a free trial available for 2 wks, probably for the article copy only, for the photography I doubt it’ll be online there… best hope they link to a gallery, whereby people can view all the shots.

And no, I haven’t been prompted or paid by the BJP to post this, however for future reference I am open to all sorts of bribes.

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  1. Those with an interest in Kung Fu and Photography (and lets face it, they go hand in hnd) might also want to read this:)

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