Parkour Kat…




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12 responses to “Parkour Kat…

  1. Ha ha thats great!!!!!

  2. Ahahahaha! That reminds me of my cat, he chases one of our smaller dogs around the house a lot. It often involves him shooting straight up one side of some piece of furniture or other, and down the opposite side like a lighting bolt.

  3. someone needs to do a whole series of these parkour kats… its an easy way to get a million hits imo.

  4. Carl

    omg i love parkour, this is the greatest cat EVER……get more pictures of this and create a whole website about them. email me with them

  5. P

    haha, good stuff! parkour is the bomb.

  6. pk is da beast it rocks like jack black centre stage lol cool kat he must like pk as much as we do lol

  7. Skic0WnTd

    lol , I Love That Cat :D He/She Looks Soo Cool x)

  8. rob

    alot of parkours movements are actuaslly based on the movements of cats and animals in general (the ones that move around alot) so its only natural that this photo came up at some point

  9. KayLaa.L

    hahaha ever ! thats cool

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