in search of quality…

ok I got inspired, starting typing this, lost my thread, quit… and now here I am trying to start again.

I had a thought about quality. about how we are a direct result of the standard we put out. We’re only as good as the quality we present.

It all stems from this thought. If I ‘think’ I’m funny… but stand on stage as a comedian and 10,000 people decide that I’m not funny… then am I funny or am I not? most people would agree that I wouldn’t be. Ok, next thought. If I get myself green dreadlocks and think I look great, yet everyone I meet, thinks I look like a right idiot… then do I look great or do I look an idiot?

analysis over. The point is. No matter what we think we are, its the opinions of thousands and thousands of others that actually decide whether we’re good, bad, funny or cool. We can think whatever we like about ourselves, but if the walk doesn’t match up with the talk, then it ain’t worth shit.

Now I’ve been wandering the net recently, in the search of quality. Not necessarily of flips, but video quality. By that I mean the music, the editing & the camera settings. Y’see I’ve figured that I’d rather watch weak footage, filmed and edited well, than incredible footage filmed badly. Agree?

You may or you may not, I care little tbh… as its an interesting observation of myself. Lets take the weak end of the spectrum. Some amazing trick filmed on a crappy camera phone, pixelated to hell and sound like its been dropped in a bucket monkey shit. To me thats worthless footage. Don’t care how great the move is. And at the other end of the scale, simple tricks, done in a well lit environment, with a decent fps (frames per second), edited nicely and a slick soundtrack without a cliché in sight. Shweeet. 

Now thats watchable. its re-windable, its slomo-able…. its share-able to the masses. And by masses I mean the flip and non-flip community. Its something to be proud of as the person is captured in a good light. ‘A good light’ <– and we all want to be in ‘good light’ right? I digress…

… the point has been made.

If you have a camera, with manual settings, do yourself a favour and figure out what they all do. Shove it on ‘auto’ and you get ‘auto-average’ footage. ‘Manual’ means you know what you’re doing, and you control the light. And by controling the light, you’ll be seen in a ‘better light’… and we all want that.

So quality, from the moment we press record, to the minute we hit play back is important imo. It ain’t all about the tricks. Bad footage, bad you. Good footage, good you. Its that simple. I’ve seen plenty of ‘big named’ trickers, put out shoddy clips, which frankly, I’d just be embarrassed about showing.

The flipping pirate isn’t the best in the world, he’s knows that… but the quality of his footage is worth viewing. I only wish all indoor clips were this clear. I also think he looks like a really great character, so I sub’d to his videos. Check it:


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