Adidas: London 2012 Campaign…

now I normally wouldn’t be interested in anything advert related, or corporate etc. But this ad caught my eyeballs. Adidas are lining themselves leading up to the 2012 Games to introduce and promote urban athletes. Using the cool tagline of: “You don’t need a stadium to do the Impossible”

Its worth adding their channel to your subscribers list… cause you know they’re going to be producing some good footage with incredible athletes in future.



Filed under acrobat, breakdancing, free running, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, parkour, skateboarding, Tricking, youtube

4 responses to “Adidas: London 2012 Campaign…

  1. edon

    can I download this movie?, and how?

  2. link to it? There’s websites that allow you to download videos, but I forget the names. sorry.

  3. Alex Surrey

    where did you find this video?

  4. uhh.. is that a trick question? Youtube! :) Adidas had a bunch of adverts scattered about the YT homepage for a while promoting the event.

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