affecting normality.

If we absorb ourselves in a niché activity (such as flipping)… we detach ourselves a little bit from reality, or I should say ‘normality’. Have you ever thought of that? the more and more we follow this niché, the more and more we’re entering an impossible / incredible world of activity (according to the average bystander).

If I go round to a friend or family members house and start spinning about on their backgarden trampolines, I’m met with looks of jaw dropping amazement… I’m not sure if thats because of what I’m doing (flips), because of the age that I am doing it (34), or because they never thought of me being able to do / learn this stuff.

I love the inspirational effect of someone, a bystander or otherwise, seeing something deemed impossible by someone in real life, within reach and not just on the tv. I love it even more when they’re clearly moved to not just say ‘wow’, but ‘how’ & ‘when’ & ‘why’ and all the rest. Its the reason I love learning things, anything. Its also the reason I started this bloggy thing… lifes pointless if all we do is collect skills without sharing them. Cause thats where the power of communication is. And once you connect with people and discover their world, all sorts of strange and interesting possibilities open up.

Eg: I would never have thought about the word ‘acrobatics’ without starting this whole gym journey…. Now I’ve been exposed to people that hang about in metal hoops for a living, and do regular displays in theatres and musical shows. I’m certain many young people will have thought about being a ‘stuntman’ in films… but that’s hard to crack into without a full range of high quality skills and the right contacts etc. But its certainly not out of reach, if a group of people choreograph a set routine for festival show for example.

but I’m getting ‘off thought’… I’ve recalled (as a kid) seeing amazing things, street entertainers or acrobats, with crowds of people surrounding them… all in amazement and the performer seemed untouchable. But that mistique has gone now, the ‘impossible’ is no longer unreachable. Steps to doing amazing things are now open to me… not just at the gym, but life generally… its all about the people.

Meet the right people, and it can change your life… that direction depends on who you meet and whether you’re open to the options that are on offer.

ramble over – mark



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2 responses to “affecting normality.

  1. Kevin

    Hello! My name is Kevin. I just actually decided to pick up free running. I like the feeling I get when I’m jumping from high distances and flipping. I’m just starting though and I don’t know anyone that likes it really. So if you could help at all, with training ideas or anything, please send me something. I also would like to know the risks.

  2. the best place for you to start is by doing it. Whether you have someone to train with or not, eventually you’ll discover people in your area and as long as you’re not an idiot, I’m sure they’ll be happy to include you in their sessions. Do your research, seek out the moves on youtube etc and visit the forums ( is the biggest I’m aware) to get advice about starting out. Try and find gymnastics facilities in your area, for equipment to practice on in safety… you’ll probably get to meet a whole bunch of people there.

    hope this helps – mark.

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