trick filming: camera reviews

Cameras specifically: I have access to a few types

FlipVideo – built in USB socket, quick easy to use, ready for youtube. .AVI files, internal memory (60mins) AA batteries. £80. Not tested in the gym yet. 90mins version available, not available in the UK yet and won’t ship to here either. This is a real dummies camera, I’d happily give it to my 8yr old niece to run about with. However this also adds to its appeal. You can chuck it in your bag, carry it about without worrying, pass it to mates (or anyone) without having to tell them how to use it. Its really convenient… and convenience is what stops us using most cameras. I really rate this one. Just gotta test run it at the gym first tho!

Canon Powershot G7 – 10mp, Manual controls, 30fps, slow-m0 on playback. .AVI files. records until your card is full. £250. This is a proper beast. I researched lots of cameras before settling on this one and its the main camera I use in the gym atm. Choose to shoot on 1024×768 @ 15fps or 640×480 @ 30fps, available in ‘manly’ stylish black, so you won’t look like a tourist with it. Great slomo feature for playback. This is a really good camera, everyone that’s ever viewed a video on it has been impressed, and the only person that wasn’t impressed had a £2k Sony VX2000! The G9 has just been released, so expect the price of the G7 to drop. The G9 only adds RAW files for stills and upgrades to 12mp stills. You’re better off getting the G7.

JVC GR-DF420EK – MiniDV, compact, manual light controls, Firewire £150. I needed a cheapo camera for MiniDV stuff and this hit the spot small and is perfect for proper editing purposes. No slomo playback sadly, but won a fair nunber of reviews for features and quality and takes a knock too. Now discontinued, but still around on ebay for a bargain price.



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5 responses to “trick filming: camera reviews

  1. I am curious Mark, why do you think it is better to get the G7 rather than the new G9?

    RAW is actually an clear feature and the prices of the G7 before goes away have not declined so much … just curious.



  2. ok this is definitely my opinion and preference here, because unless you have a ‘real need’ for RAW, the jpeg quality alone is good enough for most peoples requirements. The file sizes are another issue (regarding storage space), and also the processing power of most peoples pc’s for dealing with that format. I’ve been shooting professionally with a 10mp Nikon D200, have had published photos in magazines and UK Newspapers all without the need for RAW. So I’m not saying no to the G9, I’m just saying ‘do you really need raw?’… I don’t believe most average users will need it.

    what’s your take on it? what do you shoot with?

  3. Ian

    I’m also looking at the G9. I’m not sure I’d use the raw mode much but the overall image quality also seems to have improved. At least according to this review :

    “But all the bells and whistles mean nothing if image quality isn’t there. Fortunately, it is much better on the PowerShot G9 than it was in the PowerShot G7. So much so that we’d recommend against buying a PowerShot G7 on closeout prices.”

  4. agree on all counts about the better picture quality on the G9, however this ‘review’ was written from the perspective of using the video functions predominantly… and I haven’t seen any site reviews mentioning an improvement with video quality on the new model. (actually I haven’t really bothered to look much)

  5. Thanks Mark. In my case I like RAW, so as much as I can I prefer to shoot RAW (sometimes RAW + JPEG). In a camera like the G9 with an small sensor I can imagine that the dynamic range will be limited and with RAW at least -if needed- you can extract 1-2 extra stops with post processing. That’s my main reason to shoot RAW. I am very close to decide on the Canon G9 … thanks again.

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