determination: when today is the day…

damn, watching people slam their ass off over and over again in the persuit of success… i take my metophorical hat off to them. I wanna run up and say nooo….. stoppit… you’ll hurt yerself etc. but gah… there’s no stopping some people. I’ve done my share of pain. I don’t want any of that anymore (did I hear someone shout lightweight then??) …. anyways… yeah… I figured out years ago that if I take a beating trying something, then its because I’m trying to advance too fast. Sure sometimes you’ve gotta go for it, but only once you have all the pieces of the puzzle!

Sooo….. I’m wandering the streets of youtube (as you do) and catch a couple of friends ‘corking’ about for laugh with a desperate desire to land upright with as little damage and bruises as possible… I guess it shows the determination we have when we think ‘today is the day for…. ‘

watch on …. feel their pain, joy and giggle a bit when miss the safety mat completely. (i did) … nice one guys… hope you’re landing more than you’re slamming now! cheers – mark

then check his buddy out… with slighty more success.



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3 responses to “determination: when today is the day…

  1. I like the blog and I can understand what you mean by determination. Best crash I’ve seen was almost a year ago, but it was incredible. Kids upped and walked away.

    Anyway, good luck training.

  2. nice back dbl attempt, was that you? I slo-mo’d it a few times, looks like the head was missed on the edge there. I landed on my head just the other night… tried showing someone that flipping with your leg apart, tucked and grabbing the knees creates a fast spin. I did. 1 and a half to head plant lol … my neck still hurts! :)

  3. p3tecracknell

    I’ve got a lot of respect for that guy – a lot of those falls must have been pretty painful. The feeling he would’ve got when he finally landed it (in the second video) is possibly the biggest reason I trampoline/attempt to trick, it’s such an amazing buzz.

    Talking of progressions, that’s 95% of trampolining – you never try a move that you haven’t _almost_ done before.
    A front somersault for example has up to 16 progressions before doing it on your own. If I’m coaching a confident 15+ yr old, they’ll usually see about 2 of these. If I’m teaching an unfit, unconfident 8yr old girl, I’ll no doubt take her through the lot, where she’ll gain confidence throughout each step.
    For multiple twisting double somersaults I still need to do a few of the progressions before I actually go for it and it chills me out a lot as they’re great mid-points.

    With regards to the cork, I went through step 1 last night and learnt a ‘cheat gainer’ (6 years after learning a gainer!), now I just have to twist it!

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