Slackline tricks

ok, so I’m new to all this… forgive me… but wandering the YT the other day, I stumbled across a link regarding ‘backflips & slackline’.. naturally I watched and thought ‘whoa, that was cool’ … I then clicked a few more links and gradually got introduced to this ‘slackline’ stuff. What are the chances of me having a go at it? close to zero… unless I come across someone thats set one up and available for me to have a go on. However, it looks bloody hard, and dangerously fun. Therefore I’ve grabbed a few links to introduce you to it as well. Has anyone had a go before? I’d love to hear about it.

This one got my attention:

And after that… I found some slackline trickers, including frontflips (ultra hard!), then learnt about how to setup my own line correctly…. some tuition, and finally about this guy who’s pushing the limits


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