by the power of one…

**warning, a really dull post about nothing inparticular** 

ok I don’t think this is going to be a ‘tricking’ related post. I think its going to be a personal one, but I’ll try and put a spin on it that’ll be relavant to people that stop by here.

I’ve been thinking a little about communities, and why I’m not really a fan of participating in them. hmm… no thats not how I want to start this…. ergh… think again mark. umkay.. I’ll try again… where does original content come from? no… hang on I’m getting there. I like original content… and I try to produce a lot as much as I can… (from my brains) … Forums and communities are a mass gathering of brains, loads of them, producing and consuming, feeding and regurgitating(sp?) . Ace. But it ain’t for me. The thing is, its the whole crowd mentality thing…. fine if you like that sort of thing, I have no problem with people that do…. however it ain’t for me.

I really dislike the crowd mentality. I hate the elitism that builds, the peers that are treated like gods and I hate the annonymity of forums that allow many a weak individual to suddenly become the most opinionated penis on the planet, just because no one can actually confront them face to face over the issue.

I’ve been to many forums over the years, and they all end up the same way… people chase post counts, lick arses and claims ‘firsts’ or ‘old!’ whenever they can, to prove their online worth. *sigh. not for me. Sure its great if you’re at the top of the ladder (in whatever the forum subject is about), because then you’ll have hundreds / thousands of hangers on, dribbling at your every word… well I’m pretty sick of it. Infact anyone that chases popularity contests (of any sort) makes me wanna take acid and peel my entire face off with a salt dipped razorblade.

I love individualists. Unique people that shun the crowds and do what they want to do. (the problem is, most people will claim to be this) … the happy thing is, that most people that ‘flip out’ in one way or another happily fall into this category. Once on a topic of ‘what makes a cool person’ with a friend, the outcome was, ‘cool people don’t know they’re cool… they just are themselves, with confidence’.

Now the web in general is full of half arsed lazy people that sit looking at a computer screen far more frequently than those that would love to go outside and actually do something… the people that sit online all day doing nothing are those that develop that biggest opinions and …. aaaaaaargggggggghhhh…. I can’t write any more on this subject. (yes I can) … I’d rather sit outside the communities and look in occasionally, rather than sit within it and be afraid to step outside of it. Jebus, I know what all this is about… I saw some knob head with a tattoo, and a massive ear tunnel today, and it fired me up!

* I need another glass of wine.

Sooo…. I’ll shut up now. (maybe) …. the point is. I’d rather focus on ‘my content’, ‘my thoughts’, ‘my individuality’ & ‘my experiences’ rather than eat up and spew out lots of other peoples opinions, in niché communities, whereby swimming with all the other fishes is the ‘done thing’.

Ahhh I’m glad I’ve got that off my chest. Like I said at the start of this… its more a personal post than a flip related one… but there ya go. Take from it what you wish. Or more likely just ignore it.

right… now I’m going to go to my other blog and say what I really wanted to bitch about.



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2 responses to “by the power of one…

  1. mark, just wanted to stop by and tell you I have added you to my roll. The Hawk suggested your site. So I’m following suit like him. A very remarkable site. Love it! Love it! Love it!

  2. why thank you. I don’t really know why you or The Hawk feel so enthusiastic about my blog, and I don’t really feel any justification is needed on your part either. I am thankful that you’ve found it and enjoy it tho.

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