statistically speaking…

… things have never been better… 


Hmm… that’s a bit steep there towards the end hey? These are my weekly stats… bloody hell… nearly 900 a week? wft?!? hahaha… its getting silly now. Yesterday I did a bit of googling for similar blogs, and pretty much found nothing else… bizarre that, I thought. I’m amazed that there isn’t more choice out there. These results show there’s clearly a demand for an old crap git talking rubbish and moaning about how much everything hurts.

Btw, my monthly stats are on course to blitz last month. This feels weird, its like people are in my head… bugger off the lot o’ya! I’m wondering if I can claim ‘the biggest tricking blog in the UK’ yet?

I’m also wondering if I should get out more (don’t answer that)

(edit: btw this wkend has cleanly broken the 1000 figure)



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2 responses to “statistically speaking…

  1. nice man about the hits….I was just about to catch up to you until about a week ago when you suddenly like jumped up 1000 hits haha

  2. yeah I know, its odd as hell. I can’t figure it out personally.

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