repetition = results?

last week was the first week for ages that I’d been able to go to the gym multiple days (3) … by day 3 things felt good. It reminded me how enthusiasm isn’t enough, inspiration isn’t enough either… its repetition.

Its repetition that bring familiarity and muscle memory and assists with our consistency… and obviously it builds strength too. It also reminded me about how we’re only as good as the number of times we get to practice. Is progress directly connected to the number of times we practice? well I guess it has a bit to do with it, but somepeople just excel no matter what. For most of us, frequent practice is needed. I’m now thinking about whether solo training or as a group is more beneficial? Both has its benefits, maybe its personal preference. I dunno.

Sometimes a little break can be good, as we forget lapses in concentration and groves we sometimes get stuck in … also resting for a week, can heal muscles and joints. If I skip a week, guaranteed my next session will be a good one… I’ll also ache loads the next day for sure! But I like that feeling, so it doesn’t bother me.

Next week I can only hit the gym on Monday. From tuesday eve til friday, I’m in London training (work stuff) … I’m always tempted to go to the gym when I’m away working, but fear if I hurt myself then I’ll be screwed for the next day.. and I can’t afford to take that chance. I’m guessing the most I’ll do is stretch out loads.

what else? oh yeah…. I’ve got a bunch of vids to put up here from youtube. Clips that have been inspiring to me… stuff that I think everyone should check out. I’ve added enough recently already, so I think I’ll save the others for mon, tues, weds etc.

I’m sure there was something else I wanted to talk about….. but can’t recall… so I’ll leave it, get this up and get back to watching the shite film on teevee.



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