where did it all start?

Earlier I got thinking about how it all started. I know I’ve documented it in my ‘about’. But I was actually thinking more about how other people got in to flipping and what inspired them to start. Maybe they weren’t inspired at all, maybe they were told to go to classes by their parents… and now I’m thinking about if they did ‘have’ to go whether they liked it or not, did the rebellion stage kick in at all?

I’m more interested in the peers and motivation tho. I saw Sesshoumaru on youtube and thought ‘fecking hell, this guys incredible!’ … some might have seen Anis or David Belle, or saw a documentary or something else.

But it all starts somewhere. If you’ve been doing tricks for a while, its always good to sit back and reflect how it all started for you. But more than that, consider what your mental state was at the time too, what your goals were and how they compare to now.

Its great how having just a few goals when we start, accelerates so quickly as we discover the possibilities other people have achieved. We’re all looking to find our limits, we often don’t realise it, we think we’re just learning and landing certain things and falling at others. Very often people will have to break bones or take an equally bad injury to figure out what they can’t do or discover they’re not ready.

I recall chucking some silly stuff on the back garden tramp initially… I was no-where near ready for it! The same when I got the gym. My goals moved much quicker than I was prepared to wait for. Its not a bad thing tho, continual undiscovered limits and fresh styles, faces and moves keeps the learning process from getting boring.

My goals now, are just to keep learning and stay healthy to allow me to do it… whatever it is. I’m skating less and enjoying the gym more and more. I stuck at skating for 20+yrs… so I guess you could say I commit to things when I start them. I expect the gym to be no different.



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2 responses to “where did it all start?

  1. If you get a chance, see these guys live and in person. Most major tournaments that they show up to they trick after their night of champions events. Especially anything with the loopkicks gang.

  2. yeah I’d love to watch anything close to the loopkicks standard! Have you managed to witness anything like that?

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