Attempts to ban Parkour?

This post & this post of mine, spoke a little about the legalities of Parkour. And it prompted some minor interest in the comments of one of them. However behind the scenes of this blog there is a bigger interest… a 200% increase in the topic to be exact… people are actively seeking and searching out information on ways of banning / preventing Parkour* … and I know this because of the stats on my blog show how many hits and what they’re searching for… tho sadly I can’t tell who is searching and where they are coming from (the stats aren’t that detailed).

2 things come to mind;

Firstly, people may think I’m talking shit because I’m scare-mongering without any real evidence and…

…secondly, I think its a reason to celebrate. Because just like how imitation is the greatest form of flattery, mainstream acceptance and ‘popularity’ of any new activity, can only really be measured by the introduction of ways used to control and monitor it. And whether people like the thought or not, Parkour’s popularity has grown to such a point that ‘someone’ out there, has got the job of having to research and debate the pro’s and con’s of ‘dealing’ with the surge in interest. However that may be.

This might not be anything new to people ‘in the know’… but it was a shock to me this evening when I checked my stats out.


*this probably includes free-running too I’m guessing, as many people outside the sport aren’t aware of the difference between the 2 disciplines, and so lump them both together.



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2 responses to “Attempts to ban Parkour?

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  2. as a proffesional free ruuner, there will always be bans and restrictions. but the law cant really take away the freedom parkour brings. theres a reason why its banned in some states already. mostly because its done on private property, but the fact of the matter is the can pull a world wide ban of parkour, but it wont matter either way, because were all family, and were never going to stop doing what we do best. and even if were spotted, they’ll never catch us.

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