progress report 4,138

one of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but keep forgetting is to blog my progress. Simple really, but I tend to get carried away with videos and thoughts on connected topics. Not really what this place was set up for. So here goes.

Generally things are going good. A few months back I went through a stagnant period and haven’t been learning anything, but I seem to be out of that and have made a bit of progress recently. Aerials are getting there, Kick the Moons (I think they’re called) are coming together too, plus I’m working on the rotation for standing back fulls. Round off side flips are dialed, as are standard side flips. I’m looking to double leg a few soon.. and take a number of flips to the hard mats. I want to rely less on the bouncy floors/mats… that’s not really helping me achieve what I want from all this.

One annoying thing is back fulls on the tramp. I had them, and lost them. Very frustrating, I’ll get them back easily enough, so I’m not stressing, but it does remind me that even if I have done things loads of times, that doesn’t mean that I’ve really ‘got it’ down. I’m back at the Gym on Monday with my mate Jay, so will have 2hrs to get some stuff together. He’s a tramp man, so I’m sure I’ll be playing on that a bit.

Another thing that I’m struggling with is front sumi’s, I’ve always done them and can still do them. But I don’t have them dialed. I haven’t found a consistent, speed, jump, and timing for the release memorised. I also haven’t found the technique that works for me. I tend to tuck quite tightly when I throw them, but I’m not happy with that, I want to do them less tucked and extend out ready for a round off. Again, its just more practice needed. I’ll get there.

Back handsprings aren’t happening due to a continual shoulder injury, but I’m certain I can find a way of figuring them out, as soon as the pain subsides or I find a way of numbing it enough (answers on a postcard please). In fact anything on the hands and upper body sucks, including windmills… however front handsprings aren’t a problem, so I’ll be looking to punch front out of those soon (I can feel it!)

done – bye


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