Quality edit…

With so many vids out there, all doing the same… the ones that do something different reallly stand out.  Gabriel put effort into his all the way through, great tricks, nice music selection, high quality it footage, decent slowmo’s… really worthy of a watch. Then go comment him.


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5 responses to “Quality edit…

  1. Hawk

    A great vid here. Enjoyed the accomplished skill level. Think this is a very kewl site and will add to my roll.

    Ato de…

  2. yeah its an amazing edit… the tricks are fantastic alone, combined with the quality footage, it lifts it way above many others.

  3. Hawk

    Mark, I meant to ask you about this vid! Is there some ‘tag’ associated to what his is doing? Is it called ‘Free Run’, ‘Parkour’ or something else?

    Would like to know for my own edification.


    Ato de…

  4. its called ‘tricking’ … otherwise known as a combination of gymnastics & martial arts… tricking can also include breakdancing too. Look up ‘tricking’ on wikipedia or search for it on youtube and you’ll find out lots :)

  5. Hawk

    Mark, thanks! That’s what I thought after doing a bit of reading. I made a post on my site referencing this vid and added your Jump Start on the Hawk’s Roll. Very kewl stuff. I was in Europe and witnessed first-hand some of what they call Parkour – very kewl indeed.

    I think I would like to give some of this tricking a whirl, considering I’m very athletic and have extensive martial experience. We’ll let you know how many bones I may break. ;-)

    Trick On!

    Ato de…

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