Implications of Sideswipe XMA on TV?

So I was just talking below about the PR problem of Gymnastics, when I stumble across this vid on youtube:

this clip above is just a tribute I’m aware of that, but its much better than the original imo.

…and I guess this is a classic example of martial arts being able to crossover into ‘cool’, and ‘nastics is left struggling behind. Both are majorly impressive without a doubt. But one is free to go any direction it choses and the other is held back within its strict discipline and serious image problem.

tbh, when XMA is this impressive (well edited video too)… I lose interest in anything gymnastical. Its like a choice of sitting with the cool kids in class that attract the hot girls, or hanging with the geeks that will probably go on to be millionaires… both has their benefits.

forget the gym class heros or XMA crews for a moment, I can’t help thinking that acrobatic exposure of this nature on prime time tv, will no doubt benefit both camps… tho it might take a while to surface.

I’m wondering how many people saw that on tv and thought ‘I wanna learn that!’. If you have an opinion, I’d like to hear it.



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2 responses to “Implications of Sideswipe XMA on TV?

  1. Pete Cracknell

    I’m having difficulties deciding whether I think the aerial/gymnastics element is cooler in this (and all XMA videos) because I am/love tricking/gymnastics or because it just plain is.
    Personally I want to argue that it is just plain cool – for example if you watch the opening credits to DanceX you’ll notice a lot of the action is aerial based and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. If your task was to come up with an exciting opening sequence to showcase dance over 20 seconds, who wouldn’t use at least one backflip?
    I’m obviously biased, maybe even a gymnastic-fanboy (if such a thing exists), but it would be interesting to see if kids watching that show opted to take up martial arts, home tricking or gymnastics if they loved this stuff. If they took up a martial art and expected to taught a b-twist, they’d get a bit of a shock I’m sure.
    I’m just happy there’s flippage on TV, even if people try and persaude me that these guys don’t attend gymnastics sessions!

  2. yeah good point on the kids thing… where exactly they’d head after seeing something like that isn’t certain. I’m guessing most will end up on a garden tramp initially, as its within reach of most people. I agree about the flipping on tv too… more the merrier… and the ‘good’ will seek out the places to train better.

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