How to do Aerials

one of the things I often regret, is not filming myself ‘before’ I learn something. Because without the before and after comparison, its hard to make anyone believe the successes. Tonight I learnt aerials. Before tonight, every time I tried one (only into a pit btw) I used to go for the cartwheel shape, but spin over and land on my back, like some kind of stupid frontflip. Its this failing, which I wish I captured. Unfortunately, I didn’t, so you’re just going to have to trust me.

Now I knew already from watching loads of videos, that you need to power into it, throw up the arms as your head dips, boost up the back leg and launch up offa the leading leg to get the height needed. And I was also aware of the cartwheel technique, whereby you do a cartwheel first, then do a jumping cartwheel, then do a one handed cartwheel, then… eventually… with enough speed and technique and lift… you do a one handed cartwheel, but don’t put your hand down.

… and the great thing about learning this in the gym first is…. being able to use all the equipment available to do it in stages.

I’m happy with it. My technique is sketchy, but I’ll get there over time. ok…. watch the video.


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