Its a big world outside.

I biased. I know that. I’m not anti-US, but the US is maaaaassive. It gets so much coverage, of everything, that its easy to get over whelmed. Therefore I actively seek out whats going on outside the US. I also believe (maybe wrongly) that US citizens quite like discovering whats going on outside their country. In poorer countries, facilities are lacking, money isn’t so readily available, music and fashion tastes are different… but the enthusiasm for progression is always the same (from what I can tell) or possibly ‘more’.

Self taught julian from Germany is 14:


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2 responses to “Its a big world outside.

  1. Us Americans, at least everyone I talk to and hang out with, are very appreciative of when we get to use gyms. We also are more often than not watching videos from outside the US, personally I like them better because well the tricks just look better. best example would be Anis, he’s just too fun to watch…but for sure I know what its like to not have the safety equipment so I kind of know how it feels for them haha…only started using gyms like a few months ago

  2. *phew I thought you were going to have a go at me for being ‘anti-US’ then! (I’m not tho… believe!) … anyways.. I do like to see ‘other places’ that people train. Hence the beach vids I put up etc… and this new dailymotion one on the dirt pile in France. I like seeing different locations, accents and styles.

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