bad coaches

this is just a thought on people with limited knowledge that behave like they have knowledge. And I thought about it the other evening when someone asked me how to ‘do stuff’ … uhh … like what? was my answer… ‘well I can do flips, but I need to learn some spins’ … ergh. Now I’m a generous man, and every inch of knowledge I get given I like to give straight back out, but I had to admit I was a bit lost how to advise someone, other than ‘chuck it and see what happens’. However someone else stepped in and rescued me and took the reins, hooray. Tho, it took me all of a third of a second to realise that the next person didn’t really have a clue either… so technically I just passed up advising a newb safely with little knowledge, to passing them on to someone with even less knowledge advising them to do something unsafely. bugger. So we’ve gone from bad coach hell to abismal coach hell.

All the while this was happening, there’s 2 proper coaches standing right next to me.

Anyways. Little knowledge goes a long way in the adult classes, the coaches are casual, and laid back… its like adult play centre… but for some reason, everyone is left to get on with it and fend for themselves. Learners seem to think asking someone that can do something is better than asking someone that knows how to do something.

whoa.. (light bulb appears above head) … so that’s the difference isn’t it?

People believe that a ‘do’er’ has more knowledge than a ‘tell’er’. I bet that’s the bain of coaches lives. Doing is irrelavant, knowing ‘how’ to do something is where the knowledge is.


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