Mental Training…

I like unique people. I used to think that they were odd. I used to think that they were social outcasts. But the older I get, the more I admire them and the more I make an effort to seek out those that think differently. Because that’s all they’re doing. I consider myself to be ‘different’ to most… If the crowd are doing A, I do B… Its a very natural reaction I’ve developed from wanting to gain attention when I was a kid. Did it go away? nope… if anything it magnified.

The art of being different. The appeal. Where does being unique benefit us? How to be ‘more’ unique?  Remember Neo training in the Matrix film? he was told to stop seeing and start believing, only then could he truely break free of what he knows and limits himself.

now we’re not playing superheroes here… however we are using such a small percentage of our brains, we do need to think so far out of the box sometimes to break our limits and see new potential. Think there’s nothing you can do? you’re wrong. Seperating your physical and mental world isn’t as hard as you think.

Grab a medium sized mirror, hold it horizontal, facing up, under your chin, and walk around a room or building. You will see something very different from the rest of the world… you will be introduced to a space you’ve never looked at before and you will see lines and obstacles that you’ve never thought existed. All the time whilst in this ‘mirrored’ state, you’ll be in a state of mental disbelief. You’ll see something that isn’t really there… but your eyes and brain will be in conflict with each other. You’ll want to step over things which don’t exist, you’ll have to force your brain to recall where you really are in a room.

As long as the mirror isn’t too big, you’ll be able to see out of the corners of your eyes and retain some degree of control where you are… but if its big enough, you’ll be completely in another world. Down will become up. You’ll need to fight to regain control of the information your brain is receiving, as you’ll know its not true. You’ll be in a weird space. And the even weirder thing is…. once the mirror is removed, you’ll be left with the memories of your new experience, you’ll get flashes of the past ‘fake’ world… you’ve just entered. Be in that state long enough… and you’ll start having stronger visions. Your unbelievable world, will be a little bit more believable.

Now still think that you can’t train yourself to be even more unique to everyone else? Think again. Sometimes ‘seeing’ is disbelieving.

I can also tell you how to teleport. But I’ll save that for another post.


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