music grr…

Many people like me, use music on their edits when presenting progress on youtube, however following all the fuss about copyright issues, those of us that use music, are in breach of the TOS and can technically have our videos pulled / channel banned or deleted completely. This has only just come to my attention really this morning when reading a story on bbc news

Sooo…. this means?… hmm I’m not sure what it means. Do I stop adding music to my clips? possibly. Do I still add music, but not name the track, so its harder to trace? sounds good. Do I source some average track offa myspace music with their permission? ergh… sadly that might be the best option. Or do I think, bollocks to it, and take the risk, if I lose my videos/acc then so be it.. I’ll just rebuild it. How seriously is this going to effect people? How strongly is this going to be enforced? and with how much manpower?

Out of all the millions of vids on youtube… there’s a high chance that YT will only act on record companies complaints. Aaaand they are likely to only target the big profiles first…. so I doubt i’ve much to worry about.

more later. I’ve got a couple more posts lined up as soon as I get chance.


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