Gyminee: How do you train?

how do you train?
do you use a series of stretches and movements to work out?
or do you use machines and weights?
Is it primarily strength, flexibility, cardio or a combination?
Do you structure your training?
Do you have a set list that you go through to warm up and improve?
Would structure help you?
Are you disciplined enough to structure your training yourself?
Are you proud of your routine and stick religiously to it?

ok enough of the questions.

The reason is, I have a warming up and training structure at the gym, but I would like to have one at home too. And I know I would benefit from a regular documented ‘guide’ that I can follow each time, whether thats list form, graphical, movie or audio.

There’s a site called Gyminee which tries to address this, and I’ve been wandering about the place for a bit trying to make sense of it and seeing what it has to offer me (if anything). First impressions are, it doesn’t. Its primarily focussed on people that train in gyms using weights and machines… or people that run etc. I do neither. However I haven’t yet used much of its other features, because I don’t know my body weight. But it has the ability to monitor, track your progress and suggest other routines with other users about training.

If you’re serious about training… and train seriously. then it might be worth a look. I have 5 invites if anyone wants one… as the site is currently in a beta stage atm. If you try it out and don’t find it useful. It would be a good idea to leave them feedback about what it isn’t supplying for you, because then they can consider adding those features. Atm I think they’re missing out on a whole audience of Gymnasts and Martial Artists.. who both have strict training routines, yet don’t necessarily use weights or machines to do so.




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6 responses to “Gyminee: How do you train?

  1. Pete Cracknell

    A lot of my training program is based on advice given to me by doctors, physio and specialists following the various injuries and problems I’ve encountered as a gymnast/trampolinist. Needless to say these are specific and I won’t go into detail, but a lot of them relate to improving my core strength which is essential.

    I personally find that the more structured a workout/stretching session is, the less motivated I am. For example when I was at Uni, I would say, I woke up and did 10 minutes of conditioning more than I didn’t. That’s a heck of a lot of conditioning that I didn’t entirely realise I was doing until I tried to document it set myself targets and strict requirements.
    As soon as I had my program written down (I wanted statistics to monitor improvement) I stopped conditioning. It felt like more effort and in the long run was far less effective than waking up and conditioning because I wanted to rather than because a piece of paper said I should.

    I spend about an hour in front of the TV a few evenings a week (post-training as I train 5 days a week) with an exercise ball doing various (mostly core) workouts and stretching. It’s hard to quantify the benefits, but I enjoy the workout and I don’t force myself if I feel tired/lazy. This way I believe I’ll be doing this, say 3 times a week indefinitely rather than 7 days a week for one week before giving up.

    My personal opinion is that variation and training at home when you want to will allow you to achieve more in the long term. I have handles for pressups and an exercise ball which in total cost me around £15 and have been and will behappy with them for years, whereas I have a gym/swimming membership (luckily cheap through work) which I rarely use as I never seem to find the time to pop along. The reason being that I don’t like the gym or swimming!

    I’d be interested in a gyminee membership if you’ve still got one?

  2. I now spend about an hour infront of the tv a week with a packet of jaffa cakes scratching my genitals… I definitely need some kind of structure to get into the habit. Once I’m there, I think I’ll be ok.

    Motivation is key. To get to the point of being highly motivated, I need structure initially, to develop a pattern of behaviour… and as long as the results are measurable, then I’m good to go.

    For months I used to get up in the morning and do lots of pressups and situps.. until one day I thought ‘what am I doing this for?’… and stopped.

  3. Sam

    I’ve been using a pda/phone app for tracking my workouts where my data is stored on a Web site called for the last few years. Lets me just copy workouts or create me own. Doesn’t matter what kind of exercise, bodyweight stuff or cardio or with equipment. I’ve copied a few 12-week programs that i can follow easily. Got lotsa good videos that i can view on my pda too. check them out

  4. Richard

    I’d like to give it a try, if you’ve still got any invites left. I workout regularly at a gym, keeping track of my workouts in a spreadsheet on my home PC. But since I just got this snazzy new iPhone I’m looking to try something a little more high-tech. Thanks!

  5. no problem, check your email :)

  6. Richard

    Thanks Mark, I really appreciate it!

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