ready brek glow and windmills.

coolio, I’m back after a dry spell. Just letting a few tweaks heal up, and now I feel almost ‘brand new’ again (ish) … a pretty busy session going on tonight. I hate tuesdays. bugger, actually I’m trying not to use the word ‘hate’… its too negative. So yeah… I’m back up again on Thursday when its mellower… shall try and get the camera out too and document something.

I took it easy tonight, just chilling and ‘feeling it’… nothing special achieved but everything landed in one piece. Those r/o sides are dialled now. Plus I worked on popping my r/o backs higher… trying to keep my heading looking straight ahead instead of chucking it behind me, like I’m on a back garden tramp. Seriously, that’s the worse thing I’ve learnt… and its taking me ages to get out of that habit.

What else? ….erm… oh yeah.. Jason is determined to learn windmills on the judo mats, so there’s a high chance that’ll I’ll be chucking a few soon… I wouldn’t mind getting them… I never really got them as a nipper and wouldn’t mind getting them now.

enough. shut up mark.


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