self protection mechanism

hrm.. I’m thinking about pdf’ing up a bunch of these articles I write. I don’t want to, because I think reading from a pdf sucks and it won’t help with searching and finding my words. But although I talk a lot of bollocks on here, its genuine and its original words, and the ratio of trickers flipping and trickers writing up their knowledge to share is very narrow. Therefore the possibility of people ‘lifting’ my brain dribble is high. I’d hate for someone to rip me off, and although I’ve been quiet of late, I’ve got a whole buncha thoughts and facts coming soon, that makes me a little anxious about ‘giving it away’.

Hmm… maybe I’ll start adding copyright notices to this text I squeeze out,  and possibly offer up a pdf for people too. At least then I’ve got backups of all this stuff of mine.



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3 responses to “self protection mechanism

  1. Crash

    I hate Pdf files! Arghhhh.

  2. agreed, I’ve gone off the idea anyway.

  3. Ian

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the copyright notices. According to copyright law ( in the the UK , US and most places ) you retain the copyright to everything you write as soon as you write it and unless you sign it over to someone else or explicitly declare that it can be used by others – like creative commons work. And as for the backup – well a set of html documents with an index page is usually just as readable as a PDF.

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