One year of superhumans…

one yr 2

Yip, from today (1st August) … this blog is a year old. ta-daaa. Now on to more pressing things…


You know they exist right? ok, I’ll try and talk this up as quick as possible. Some people just excel, no matter how hard we train,  we can never catch up to some people. Or, you reading this, might be that one person we’re all trying to catch up with. Certain people are so far ahead of us and every one else, that its impossible to keep up. Lets start from day one. 3 guys start tricking, and for some reason, 1 guy just picks it up quicker than others, no matter what age, could be a 5yr old, could be a 25yr old, it doesn’t matter. We claim, ‘they’ve just got it’, what we’re not sure but they have.

Now let me switch to this for a second. Dr’s and researchers discovered that Lance Armstrong, who won the Tour De France, was not only younger than previous winners, made the biggest improvement in 12 mths than previous winners, had larger than average heart and lungs, aaaand had a testicle removed a year previous to winning. How did this help? well, there’s an agreed concensus that the removal boosted his hormone development and thus naturally improved his metabolism.

stay with me… I’m still on topic…

There’s this thing called a VO2Max, and its a rating for the rate of which your body can transport oxygen into your muscles and then use it to convert fuel into energy. Average males kick out a VO2Max of 40-50, and upto 65 when training, Armstrong peaked at 83.8 fully trained, all this means that even if Armstrong sat on his ass all day eating chips, he’d never drop much below a VO2Max of 60. He is genetically built from the DNA up to be above average than all other athletes.

Now there’s a whole heap of evidence out there to back this sort of data up, if you look in all the right places… but the end result is the same, some of us are just designed to do things better than others. From big lunged cyclists to large feet swimmers, to people with incredible bursts of short term muscle power to lightening reactions and spacial awareness. No amount of training for some people makes much difference. Compared to the rest of us they are indeed, superhuman.

Steve, is a pumped up gymnast. Trains a lot, a sculpted torso, arms like tree trunks. Chris, hasn’t done much for the past decade, smokes too much weed and likes to have a skate everynow and then. Steve challenged Chris to an arm wrestle, Chris beat Steve twice on both arms. Steve can’t work it out. Chris challenged Ed to a road run. Ed is like a little super athlete, not an ounce of fat on him, a proper bruce lee, he does a daft anount of pressups and situps and does rockclimbing etc. Chris beat Ed too… Ed just could not keep up at all on a flat road run, Chris raced him until Ed collapsed.

Some people, just don’t need to train much at all… for the rest of us, its a miracle just to keep going sometimes.

Here’s to the next 12mths!
(the beers are on me if you’re still around then)



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2 responses to “One year of superhumans…

  1. Em

    there was an article in the New Scientist the other week that suggested that Lance Armstrong (and others) saw a significant improvement in their endurance ability following the loss of a testicle:
    “…the hormonal changes Armstrong underwent when he had a testicle removed may have enabled him to use more fats than he would otherwise have been able to. Studies of non-athletes who have had a testicle removed suggest that after surgery there is an increase in the levels of certain hormones called gonadotropins, which are known to boost fat metabolism. Levels of testosterone, a muscle-building hormone, remain about the same (Medical Hypotheses, vol 68, p 735).”
    – so guys, if you want to perform better, you know what to do…

  2. what? shave our legs and start cycling? :P

    I read the same article… it inspired this post.

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