pains and pain killers…

what the hell was I on about below? meh. Regulars may have noticed I’ve changed the look of this blog a little… just thought it was time for a change. Hopefully its ok on the eyeballs.

Gym tonight, however I’m in pieces atm; back hurts and I’m currently sponsored by Boots for pain killers, my fingers are tapped up because my knuckle is still screwed… plus a foot sprain that I thought i’d sorted is back…. and all this is without mentioning the trapped nerve I did months ago and still tweaks me out, and my knackered forearm that I’ve had for the last 10yrs… anyways… apart from all that… I’m in pristine condition, as new, one careful owner, full service history and all that!

Sooooo….. guess I’ll probably be packing the cameras with me again tonight.

Note to self: practice 720 btwists, and attempt hip grab r/o side flips, & r/o back punch front.


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2 responses to “pains and pain killers…

  1. Johnny Angel

    3 P’s of tricking. Practice, paitence, pain killers.

    I’ve been pretty lucky, that I’ve only jammed my self up once and my ankle recovered pretty quickly, but like there’s always the minor pains, aches, and sprains.

    In some ways I wonder how masochistic this hobby is, because in it’s own way the day after a really, really good session where I’ve made gains I’m usually sore as fuck, my back hurts, usually one or both of my feet has a big ass bruise on it, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

    P.S. This blog is awesome, excellent job. Been practicing my 540 gotten it a bit smoother. Peace.

  2. thanks for the good words. And yes, the pain of training is fantastic. I love the feeling, the next day when I struggle to lift my legs high enough to climb the stairs… that’s good pain… however, I’m currently plagued by bad pain. Atm, all I’ve gotta do is fart, and my shoulder socket pops out out. On the plus side, injuries = more filming and photoing, w00t! :)

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