popularity shift


Here we go then. The inevitable. I could see it coming a mile away. The slow shift. The plateau before the trough. The phase passing. The …. wtf are you on about mark?

Well put it this way… I used to shift through loads of youtube vids and be presented with a massive selection of movies to choose from, on various topics. A year ago I was overwhelmed by choice. Now? nothings been posted up in the past 5 days.

Now forgive me, I’m new to all this. But like most people that has been involved in certain activities for a number of years, see trends occur. Peaks, troughs and plateaus as I like to call it. Most of it is fueled by kids that decide one moment that they want to try out something, then dump it the next minute because its too much effort.

Which leads me to think about discipline and rewards… uh-oh, I feel me going off topic!!

Formal teaching methods, have structure to their training… which provides discipline and delivers measurable rewards. Giving up and giving in, isn’t really an option for the weak hearted, without some serious persuasion and peer pressure. (which isn’t a bad thing btw)

Without pressure and discipline and structure and rewards, its sooo easy to dip in and out of things and wander off when bored, particularly when progress may be slow or tuition limited and possibly all wrong as well. This is what I’m thinking for a number of young people that take up any undisciplined activity.

However before jumping to conclusions, I’ll consider both sides of the coin. The time of year. Tricking is seasonal right? Acutally I lie, tricking isn’t seasonal… everything is. Everything we do goes through patterns of activity. Why? well its called, school, holidays, weather… and thats it. There might be more but, I can’t think of any. Schools are the structure to most young peoples entire activity. Without that, friends are not around, facilities and options to train might not be so abundant. Then there’s holidays, a certain times of year, people travel, again this is very tied in to the school holiday season…. which leads nicely on to the weather…. when the sun is out, people aren’t inclinded to sit indoors editing for hours on end… people also go away on holidays and vacations and change their routines. This is why i’m probably noticing a ‘slow down’ in videos being uploaded. People aren’t taking a break from their activity, but are just taking a break in life.

I guess I’ve answered my own question here.


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