how to get people tricking…

So here I am. 1 bloke on a sofa, babbling on about whatever I like, and loads of people reading it. cool hey? The thing is, a thought is just a thought, until it gets written down. But once its in print it becomes ‘real’ to a degree. People take opinion as truth and fact. People can’t accept that a persons choice of words might be entirely wrong and ignore them. I care not, for what people write, just like I care not, for what people say…. however similarly and ultimately, confusingly (which should become clear in a bit) …

… I care not, for what people who ‘say’, I care mostly for what people ‘do’.

How many people have you met in your course of tricking, flipping, training or whatever and they say ‘ahh I’d love to be able to do that!’ …. and you’re there thinking (or saying) … ‘ok, cool… come out training with us and start learning’ … But do they end up joining you? probably not. A guy I know watched me throw a back flip and said the same thing. He wanted to be able to do the same. I invited him out to learn, and its not happened.

This really bugs me. But I’m used to it. People who are impressed by skateboarding, react the same way.

I’ll offer a tip here… if anyone shows an interest in flipping… tell them they’re welcome to join you, when and where etc. But then never mention it again. Y’see our downfall as humans that ‘want’ people/friends to join us is to remind them constantly to come out and play. But thats not good. Its a clear indication a person isn’t that interested in something, if they have to be reminded to go and do it. People that are genuinely interested, bug ‘you’ about learning… they don’t talk about it… they ‘do’ it.

So there it is… a thought by me… a guy on a sofa… one that chose to ‘do’ rather than ‘talk’… however also one that decided to ‘qwert’ the whole journey too.

just for the hell of it.


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