how to do anything…

(this post could almost be a ‘part 2’ to the previous)

similarly to the last post, I’m now thinking about those people that want to learn to flip… but don’t.

we have to accept and not react to people that just say they want to learn. Its a trap that is so easy to fall into.

People see something that is impossible to them and react (usually positively) … but they see no corralation between them ‘now’ and them performing that move. erm, let me explain that better.

People have goals which are achievable, because they can see the steps they have to take to reach that goal. However people also have dreams whereby they can’t see the steps needed to reach that goal. Therefore making the ‘goal’ reachable, and the ‘dream’ unreachable.

Take a backflip… most people who can’t do one, want to be able to do one, but can’t see how they could ever get to that point, because of their fear of hurting themselves in their current (untrained) mental state. This is normal. This separates people who talk about doing things and people who find a way of doing things.

My point is, we can do anything… literally anything… all we need to be shown is the steps required to make the unachievable achievable. And this thought isn’t limited to things believable, it applies to the unbelievable too… you just need to know how to see something differently in order to achieve it.

which leads me nicely onto my next post… which I’ll save for another day… I’ve done enough this morning.


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